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It has been a year of busy, so much so that I almost abandoned this blog altogether. Surprisingly the weather seems to wreak some havoc here and there so far this year to the point of life-interruption. Not in any major way on our home fronts but in an awestruck reality of much devastating loss in floods and hail throughout the southern Canadian Prairies. Hardest hit was Calgary with much loss and rebuild but sadder hit was the entire town of High River in a devastating flood that will take decades if not a century to recover from.
A hectic year on all fronts so far and it did not help that hail damage in our Alberta home left me vehicle shopping half the summer and dealing with house repairs. Funny how 10 minutes of Mother Nature can put you back months. Even though I had my car written-off, our truck just getting the last of the repairs awaiting body replacement parts for months, our new roof now on, the siding finally replaced, and the eaves and gutters on their way, our loss was manageable and minor compared to many who only an hour or so north of us lost everything.

The irony in all for me is that our little loved shack of a cottage-home, Landlocked, on the Saskatchewan prairie sits in a little town where life moves along at a slow comfortable pace and much goes unnoticed, in a good way. Not able to get away much to visit Landlocked these past few months it is always comforting to know that little changes there. The tarped roof awaiting new shingles still leaks when it rains, the temperature cooling has a floor of dead flies to greet us on arrival, the house chills off and the grass browns in the early frost, and life quietly carries on.

Getting to spend a few days there this past weekend had us readying it for winter. Although we do not close it off and will still visit often in the snow months to come we do check things a little closer on departing. We tucked the patio chairs into the garage, shored up a few draughty spots, check the plastic on the upstairs windows, turn off the ceiling fans, tilt the blinds a little to let the winter low sun warm the rooms, and then locked it up and tucked it in for winter.

The carefree summer days spent there are so different than those of the coming winter when we shovel our way in around the drifts and layer up shivering as the new furnace hums it back to warmth. We relax more, have less company and enjoy the isolation of feeling so far away from the big busy world. Spring planting is discussed, summer company and reno project ideas abound but we know when the time comes it may or may not happen as this is a relaxed place to be and that priority trumps fix-er-up-er work all summer long. It doesn’t seem to matter as the house has quietly stood the last century with little help from us and seems to happily carry on the same way. A new toilet here and some flooring there, maybe some fresh paint and a roof next year, maybe not.

The seasons ahead will bring what they will and we will enjoy the escape often and always.



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