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I have once again this past week driven the open prairie between my city life in southern Alberta and my cottage life in southern rural Saskatchewan. The journey never fails to amaze me. It is four hours of some of the best scenery this side of heaven.
There is, for me, something very real about driving the open prairie. The scenery never gets old. The insignificance of daily woes becomes so miniscule in the vastness of the open prairie. I never fail to notice that at times during the solitude of the drive I have a keen sense of feeling that I am the only soul on the universe in any direction as far as I can see. In those fleeting seconds I am both stunned and energizing.
Back in reality in the city one is never alone. We might think we are alone as we take a walk, or spend a quiet day in the house, but the reality is another person, soul, body is a mere glance away. Alone, and not a sole in sight, are not the same thing. Truly when you can look out in every direction and not even see any sign of human life, you will know what I am talking about.
No one. Nothing. Not a car, not a building, not a structure, not a being. Open rolling prairie fields of waving grasses, the biggest blue sky you can imagine, and nothing in the way of either of those meeting each other except the ribbon winding road and only you in the middle of an amazing scene. As if you are in a gallery staring, lost, in the most incredible painting you have ever seen and suddenly you find yourself plunked into the middle of your new favourite work of art. Looking forward and back, side to side while seeing, feeling, sensing, no one but you in this incredible work of art.
To me that is a prairie drive on a quiet early morning before the day gets too hot and too busy. It is a gift. A gift of the universe, of a connection, of a window to your soul. A time and place where one can truly take a long deep breath and feel ready to do what you came here to do. Energized to be the soul inside. A gift I am thankful for every time I drive alone in the early hours from the city to the cottage, but especially grateful for when on the return and arriving back to the city from the perspective of the cottage feeling far more ready and relaxed to take it all in. Open to the gift of soul and the spectacular reminder of my very own unique connection and place in the universe.

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