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   There are as many reasons to be poking around thrift stores, tag sales and auction houses as there are great finds to discover. For me, who needs no excuse to be out thrifting as I can happily call it a job, I was challenged this week with a thought that has resonated to my core about why it is I love this thrifty lifestyle beyond a passion for discovering a treasure.
   I always have a sense of purpose and many times, as other dealers will attest, some items seem to ' talk' to you as you brush past or pick them up. There is an undeniable energy around many second hand cast offs and an equally eerie almost dead lack of energy around others. I have actually had occasion when I bought something zany because it seemed to speak to me and other times I have quickly set something back down or coudn't even touch it, based on a negative presence. A few great buys have stayed on the shelf because they, for me, had a weird vibe, but many many more things find their way home with me because they are calling out to be loved.
   The stories behind the discovery of a great find is half the fun but for me the better other half is the amazing stories when you take the time to discover where the item is headed. It is more often than not that I find something knowing full well I am only a pawn in the energy-scheme-of-things and that what seemed to call out to me from a dusty back shelf or the bottom of an auction box undiscovered, actually had a greater purpose and I simply the go between in that which was and that which will be. It is not always just about the great find, a good buying price and a great selling profit. More and more for me it has become about what I find and where it is going.
   I am at my treasure-hunting best when I step out with no expectations and stay in the moment and let the items find me. I never know when I head out what I will drag home, rescued from eventual obscurity. I do know, or have come to realize, that if I let the energy draw me to it and I bring it home, dust it off, take a photo or two, list it in my online shops giving it a new lease on life - that someone, somewhere shows up looking for exactly that item and not only purchases it from me but brings me amazing stories about why that item and what it means to them to add it into their life.
   Who does not warm inside at the sight of the exact Gramma's kitchen canisters on a shelf in an antique shop, or finding the very same book they loved as a child? Nostalgia is overwhelming when it takes you back to where life was simple and loving.
   It is not about buying and selling vintage junk for me, never has been, never will be. It is about the energy, the stories, the lost treasures, the memories, the nostalgia and the joy that comes from being the middle-man as the energy passes through me from the long lost item on its way to be rescued. A sweet way to share my love of vintage and to feel the love back many times over as the treasures eventually sell and go home.
   For a wonderful tale of a daughter's loss and filling that heartache with a few vintage finds to recreate her mother's amazing trans-atlantic journey back in the 60's to a new country and my role in finding her lost treasures visit my blog entry at ThriftyDiversions 
As always - happy thrifting! Michelle

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