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I had the enormous pleasure of a road trip or two this past month coupled with an amazing writing experience (read about it on my writing blog at Inklings On Writing)

I did make note of a few lifestyle changes in my life-on-the-road experience that I am incorporating into my newly slower-paced lifestyle I am striving to take on. Being away and living out of a suitcase (or two, if you are a girl – not apologizing, just saying) – can be a humbling experience. I quickly realized how much time and energy each day goes into the process of daily routine when one has too many choices. At home it is only too easy to try on a few shirts, hum and haw over the ‘look’ for the day, deliberate the jewelry and accessories, the shoes and bags and even the jacket, wrap, scarf or whatever completes the look.

On the road and out of the suitcase life is very simple and choices are limiting and that is a positive observation. I am vowing on returning to daily routine to simplify my wardrobe, my accessories, and even my purses and shoes (gulp). I am going to approach the next season’s wardrobe change with a new eye for simple, my style, my look and only what makes me feel fabulous. After all why would I want to spend one day in something that did not make me feel good about myself and my world.

At Landlocked I am slowly unpacking boxes and boxes of my favourites that have been stored and moved many times over the years waiting for a spot to ‘be’. In that process, with each box that empties to my gleeful discovery of my own treasures boxed away far too long, I realize how much I have missed my favourite things. I have enjoyed re-discovering why they were my favourites in the first place and worthy of dragging along in too many changes and moves in my life. The simple answer is they make me feel good. For whatever reason surrounding oneself with what we love, wearing what feels good, wrapping yourself in your own style and your own comfort zone is a good feeling. It is not about monetary value or riches, it is about a personal connection to yourself, your style, your story.

Cottage life is not about two weeks in the summer but rather I am discovering that it is about an inner peace and comfort celebrating one’s story and the place where one fits.



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