Posted By Michelle Greysen
I imagine myself sitting at an old maple table facing the wide open prairie view of the cottage’s large west facing window while typing this on my favourite vintage minty green Hermes 3000 typewriter. The air is silent and hung thick with the smell of homemade bread and a simmering pot of fresh catch chowder. Waves of wheat in the foreground are catching the corner of my eye, distracting me from the words clunking out on the heavy keys. Wrapped in my favourite cozy sweater horribly mismatched to my comfy pj's, well past noon, I slowly sink into a world far away from the everyday and find myself daydreaming about when life slows down and this silence and solitude will be my daily grind.
The flip side of this visual is that I am actually in my city condo kitchen with a list of to-do’s a mile high, piles of coming and going items scattered around the table cluttered with two laptops - last minute writing on one while madly loading my iPod tunes on the other hoping to take my thousand favourite songs on the road with me later this week. Laundry is humming in the background, garbage truck banging down the alley, the fan is waving a monotonous breeze in the summer morning heat, my suitcase lies open on the floor patiently waiting and I am counting down the sleeps to my quick cottage stay on my way to a novel writing workshop for ten glorious days. Stepping out of a busy life for a few weeks takes an enormous amount of planning,list writing,shopping and preparing but even a greater amount of letting go. In the exhausting frenzy of getting ready to get out of town I remind myself this morning to slow down and enjoy not only the anticipation of the destination but also the journey. Landlocked cottage quietly sits waiting to grant me a prized night or two of solitude but leaving hurried and arriving exhausted almost spoils the cottage experience. 
Reality is that for many a cottage is not in the big scheme of things but for me ‘Cottaging’ and escaping to ‘Cottage Country’ is not so much a destination but a state of mind. The cottage-lifestyle does not have to wait till someday but can be a part of your daily life or your hectic week. When your life gets exhausting and days just fall on top of each other in a constant tedious drone give yourself permission to plan a day at the cottage (no cottage needed). Take the time to stay in your favourite weekend wear for a day at home, turn off the crazy, read, relax, bake, nap and learn to tackle those hectic days from the peaceful place inside yourself you will welcomingly re-acquaint with on your cottage day.
This blog, Tales from Landlocked Cottage, is about just that – permission to take life at a slower pace and step out of the hectic. Landlocked to me is a state of being from which I will write this lifestyle blog with the perspective of a step-a-way, a dock, a different angle not always in the thick of things. Life needs to be simpler. My life needs to be simpler. Hoping my writer’s eye can strive to catch the simplicity of daily cottage life no matter where I am writing from or where you are reading at.



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Cynthia Culbert said...
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December 2, 2012 12:59:35
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