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Posted By Michelle Greysen
July 19, 2010 (first observation is that the formatting for my entry does not want to work correctly and my text reads like one long paragraph - but in my attempt to keep life simpler I am not going to fiddle with it today so sorry about that and just remember to take a breath periodically as you read the long not intended to be one only paragraph) - I just had the opportunity to spend a few days at Landlocked Cottage as a debriefing unwinding stop on my way to the next few weeks of a rare writing opportunity (you can read more about that if interested at my writers-blog link on the side of this blog). Stepping away from life, even if it is for a few short days, is the best remedy for a fresh new perspective on things you see day after day and don’t stop to notice. In my quest to slow down my life I am vowing to make an effort to be more observational and purposely made a point of deciding to pay attention to the moment starting the second I switched off my work brain and went to getaway mode. An enlightening experience and I suggest you try.. Here is what I observed from my new perspective: Day one! Notes from the journey: -Perspective is sometimes the only thing going for the scenery on a wide-open prairie drive – that is when you can find something taller than the ground to squint into perspective. -One is always generically notified of a generic impending generic small prairie town with the GENERIC sign “ICECREAM & FIREWORKS ahead” -With the Ipod shuffling I enjoyed the synchronicity of the open road prairie isolated setting in full sunshine and sunroof bared accompanied by the back to back great tunes of America’s Horse With No Name followed by Doobie Brother’s Blackwater and then much to my horror at full blast came Bob Dylan belching his guttural attempt at Dreaming of a White Christmas – scary (thanks to my son for loading that alarmingly dylan’ish festive set to my itunes last Christmas) -Song while pulling up at home at the end of the last workday – just before shutting off the engine – shuffle brought me – “The Last Worthless Evening” -Songs while leaving town on the long and alone journey … in a row (on shuffle Leaving on a Jet Plane, Hold On, I feel the Earth Move, Start all Over– and Ice Cream -I was reminded of the prairie-esque savvy of recycle long before it was vogue as I caught a glimpse (actually tried to put it in perspective) of a lovely claw foot tub re-purposed as a horse trough! -I saw a MOOSE!!! On my sunrise drive – 5 a.m. departure in rural Saskatchewan and did not see one car or one sign of life for ages and then out of the blue while passing through a tiny town – there it was in a yard just off to the left of me – standing there looking HUGE and was bent over and looking into the window of a pickup truck parked in a yard! (I did observe he was way taller than my VW beetle – yikes!) -I observed that the excessive ratio of Blue Rodeo tunes on my ipod to non-Blue-Rodeo tunes is seriously out of balance to the point that they shuffle up about every third or fourth song and made a mental note to attempt to help my ipod live a more balanced existence in the future -On a purely reflective note I always melt when Blue Rodeo’s ‘dark angel’ shows up on the play list …

Posted By Michelle Greysen
I imagine myself sitting at an old maple table facing the wide open prairie view of the cottage’s large west facing window while typing this on my favourite vintage minty green Hermes 3000 typewriter. The air is silent and hung thick with the smell of homemade bread and a simmering pot of fresh catch chowder. Waves of wheat in the foreground are catching the corner of my eye, distracting me from the words clunking out on the heavy keys. Wrapped in my favourite cozy sweater horribly mismatched to my comfy pj's, well past noon, I slowly sink into a world far away from the everyday and find myself daydreaming about when life slows down and this silence and solitude will be my daily grind.
The flip side of this visual is that I am actually in my city condo kitchen with a list of to-do’s a mile high, piles of coming and going items scattered around the table cluttered with two laptops - last minute writing on one while madly loading my iPod tunes on the other hoping to take my thousand favourite songs on the road with me later this week. Laundry is humming in the background, garbage truck banging down the alley, the fan is waving a monotonous breeze in the summer morning heat, my suitcase lies open on the floor patiently waiting and I am counting down the sleeps to my quick cottage stay on my way to a novel writing workshop for ten glorious days. Stepping out of a busy life for a few weeks takes an enormous amount of planning,list writing,shopping and preparing but even a greater amount of letting go. In the exhausting frenzy of getting ready to get out of town I remind myself this morning to slow down and enjoy not only the anticipation of the destination but also the journey. Landlocked cottage quietly sits waiting to grant me a prized night or two of solitude but leaving hurried and arriving exhausted almost spoils the cottage experience. 
Reality is that for many a cottage is not in the big scheme of things but for me ‘Cottaging’ and escaping to ‘Cottage Country’ is not so much a destination but a state of mind. The cottage-lifestyle does not have to wait till someday but can be a part of your daily life or your hectic week. When your life gets exhausting and days just fall on top of each other in a constant tedious drone give yourself permission to plan a day at the cottage (no cottage needed). Take the time to stay in your favourite weekend wear for a day at home, turn off the crazy, read, relax, bake, nap and learn to tackle those hectic days from the peaceful place inside yourself you will welcomingly re-acquaint with on your cottage day.
This blog, Tales from Landlocked Cottage, is about just that – permission to take life at a slower pace and step out of the hectic. Landlocked to me is a state of being from which I will write this lifestyle blog with the perspective of a step-a-way, a dock, a different angle not always in the thick of things. Life needs to be simpler. My life needs to be simpler. Hoping my writer’s eye can strive to catch the simplicity of daily cottage life no matter where I am writing from or where you are reading at.






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