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Posted By Michelle Greysen
I can not imagine that it is spring already, although there is still a lot of white stuff piled up all around the cottage. Getting to visit at Landlocked in the winter has been a new reality this year due to the addition of a lovely thing called a furnace! What a treat that was to have it replaced this winter making this little gem of a spot quite cozy despite the prairie winter scene from the window.|

Also this past busy winter of too much moving and settling, but finally getting there, I had the thrill of moving some of my favourite things here to Lanclocked. My century old family piano, a bit of a beat up dinosaur surviving too many moves in its long life but glad to be home now. My absolute favourite writing desk, yes I have a few in various locations in various homes. My family dining room that is glad to be out of storage and ready to host many a great family dinners and scrabble and crib games this coming summer and beyond. And my little trinkets and treasures stored away for far too long in too many years of juggling life and change and moving forward.

Well I am pleased to announce I am here. Wherever that is, forward, if that’s what you want to call it. That stage in life when it is time to settle in, surround yourself with what you love and those you love, and enjoy the place and the time together.

I have just spent a few weeks alone away doing one the things I love – writing (more about that experience in my writer’s blog at INKLINGS ON WRITING.) I started that journey with a few days at Landlocked, and will get to finish that special time in my writing-life back at Landlock this coming weekend, to ease my way back into the hectic pace that will find me soon enough when I am home next week.

It is the space at the cottage, and not the place, that reminds me what is important and what can wait. Although I would love some major fix-er-up-er transitions to the little place, and there are small plans this summer for a few more, it is not about shower heads, or the unreliable stove, or the duct-tape on the kitchen floor, but about the solitude and the space and the calm.

I thought the new furnace this winter was the luxury, but now that it hums away and took the bite out of the air and let me visit Landlocked even in the snow, I realized it wasn’t about the furnace after all. Landlocked will feel as warm and inviting in the middle of summer as it now does in the dead of winter – which thankfully is finally passing.

I promise some updated pictures after the weekend … enjoy yours!




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